Wow! What a journey it has been so far and it is only just begun. It has been a while since my last post but the journey continues.

I am starting to see that Buddhism is so many different things to so many different people. I am starting to see that Buddhism is on my path not being the only path or the dramatic switch I thought it was going to be. My learning has shown me how much there is to learn. Why monks ordain at twenty years of age and spend a lifetime learning. The Tipitaka or Pali Canon, takes up more than forty volumes in an English translation, roughly about 20,000 pages. It is the largest sacred book of any of the great world religions.

Learning that and chanting that in Pali….wow! A lifetime indeed. But it is not necessary to learn it all or chant it all.

The concepts of Buddhism ring true to me. A dogmatic approach is not my way. I am a sporadic learner. That is why I like Theravada. It is based on what is written in the Tipitaka. Some hard discipline is required and application to task, but it is a fairly simple concept. Theravada Buddhism focuses on developing yourself as an individual.

This individual approach is less formal and to me seems to focus less on strict practice (unless you want to) instead focusing on the intent and meaning of what the Buddha says.

I am enjoying the path. I am not as far down the track as I had hoped to be, due to my sporadic approach, but I have taken many interesting side tracks.

Preparing to move back to Melbourne for a while has also impacted on time available. I shall miss my friends and the Nerang temple. But I am sure I will be back in good time.

I am looking forward to continuing my journey following the path and learning what I can along the way.