This is the first of hopefully many posts in my discovery of Buddhism and a way of removing stress from my life and seeking refuge in the Three Jewels.

I suppose my journey began many years ago at an indeterminate time. As a child I was very fortunate to have a loving family. We all get along well and love each other.

My mother always tried to teach us right from wrong and to respect others. My father worked hard to provide very well for us. We had everything we needed. A loving home and all the usual things that go with it.

In my early adult life I had always been very busy working hard to provide for my family as my father had taught me. Over the next 30 years and multiple marriages and divorces I seemed to be getting further away from happiness not closer.

Now I was confused. What had I done wrong? I have never raised a hand to a woman. My father taught me that women are to be absolutely respected. I was never unfaithful. I wasn’t a drunk. I am not a gambler.

What was the reason my life was not going the way it does on television? (as if that is reality anyway) I did expect a different experience. It is just life. Sometimes it unfolds in ways we didn’t imagine. As I passed 50 years of age I started to think that there must be a better way.

After years of anxiety and depression (stress), I have recently started researching and studying Buddhism.

Very early days yet. But I feel much more relaxed knowing there is true refuge. No strings attached.

As I post some snippets of my journey here (for my purposes of learning and journaling). I hope that as I learn I can document some of that learning. I suppose it will be a good way to reflect and reinforce my learning.